I’ve started this blog to share my experiences of having a child with ‘dysfunctional voiding syndrome’. Or, in layman’s terms, a child who wees and poos themselves.

It’s not a life threatening condition. And there is every chance he’ll eventually grow out of it. If you met my son in the street you’d probably have no idea he had this problem. But for him, and us, it can be all consuming. For him it’s humiliating. He wets himself every day at school so he has to try to get out of the classroom to get changed without his friends noticing. He has to deal with other children commenting on the smell. He’s nine years old now so acutely aware of what others think of him. He can’t go to friends houses to play, because he doesn’t want to risk wetting or soiling himself on their furniture.

For us, there’s obviously all the washing, stripping beds and sofa covers every couple of days and washing all the clothes he gets through. There’s also the constant battle with medical professionals to get help for him. Our hospital is so understaffed and overworked it can be up to nine months between each appointment. But the worst thing is hearing him say ‘the only present I want in the whole world is not to have this problem any more’ and feeling helpless to do anything about it.

I may also talk about wine.


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