The week in numbers

Thought I’d use Bridget Jones style stats to summarise this past week.

Days since Comedy Colin said he’d call: 9 (it’s likely they’ve found out he’s not a real doctor and he’s been sent back to secure accommodation)

Phone calls to Colin: 4

Messages returned: 0 (probably difficult to use phone whilst wearing straightjacket)

Poos in toilet: 6 (v good)

Poos in pants: 5 (not so good)

Poos in bed: 2 (why?? for warmth??)

Poos on carpet: 1 (improving)

Wees on sofa: 1 (too engrossed in 60 Minute Makeover)

Loads of washing: 16

Times having to abandon basket mid-shop to run to toilet: 3 (good exercise and potentially saves money)

A fairly normal week but for some reason I’ve found it particularly draining. So much so that by Friday I couldn’t even muster up the energy to read Rose a bedtime story and just left her to read the lyrics to Uptown Funk to her teddies.


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