If you were a particularly cunning poo where would you hide?

Or, places I’ve found pieces of shit.

When Elliot was younger and before we really knew what the problem was with him soiling and wetting, he’d do apparently ‘normal’ poos in the toilet but then also do random rabbit droppings in his pants. We know now that it was because his bowel was so full of compacted faeces, it was stretched and the muscles weren’t working properly, so little pieces of poo would make their way past the big solid bit and pop out of his bottom with him being completely unaware.

At the time we couldn’t get our heads around how he couldn’t feel them coming out. And also how he was too embarrassed to tell us if he did then feel them in his pants. So the poo would often make its way out of his pants and down his trouser leg resulting in poo balls sometimes appearing in the house.

I’ve on several occasions picked up a raisin that someone must have dropped. No it was a piece of poo.

Only yesterday I saw a flattened cornflake on the hall floor, went to pick it up. Yep, it was flattened poo.

We once spent several days slowly sending ourselves insane trying to work out where the poo smell was coming from. If you were a particularly cunning poo where would you hide? It turns out inside a cushion cover. We still don’t know to this day whether Elliot was worried about pooing himself so hid it in the cushion, or whether his poos are just extremely conniving little bastards who have bets with each other to see who can be the most stealthy.


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